Ventev – Powered Enclosure for MDS Radios


After you choose the radio, choose Ventev.
Ventev’s line of Outdoor Wireless Enclosures for the industry’s most popular SCADA, cellular and backhaul radios are the ideal solution to deploy, power and protect your essential equipment. Designed for distribution automation, telemetry, and advanced metering infrastructure applications, these integrated enclosures are pre-engineered outdoor rated enclosures that provide reliable, long term protection. Battery backup (UPS) systems can be purchased with advanced technology providing battery health monitoring with added capabilities to ensure your system remains fully operational in remote, outdoor locations. Ventev’s portfolio includes powered enclosures, battery backup (UPS) and solar powered systems. Ventev’s Outdoor Wireless Enclosures are designed as plug and play systems, integrated and tested at the factory to reduce the time to deploy your wireless network.

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